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Umas Technology established in 1974 in Piazza Armerina (Enna, Italy) by Filippo Pocorobba, who had been working as chief technical officer of a plant owned by an important mechanical technology company and finally decided to build up a business to produce high-tech mechanical devices and systems, committed to providing high quality, reliable, flexible and innovative services.

Umas Technology owns two production plants which together have a total surface of 5,000 m² covered:

  • A1 Advanced Technology Fab, which is the company’s headquarter and is also dedicated to the production of special, high-tech devices;

  • M1 Heavy Machining Fab, dedicated to heavy machinery works with large removal of metal chips, welding and coating works and machine and equipment inspection and refurbishment.

Excellence, precision and application of advanced technologies have made Umas Technology a leader in the mechanical field as demonstrated by its achievements in the aeronautical, military, oil & gas and energy markets and semiconductor industry as well as in the production of polymers and in the scientific research; a success history made possible by a great development of technologies and knowledge that is essential for the fulfilment of the severe requirements of the military and semiconductor fields (in terms of performance, reliability and quality management) as well as the oil & gas, energy and scientific research fields (in terms of high flexibility, promptness, development of prototypes and machine downtime management).

Umas Technology owns avant-garde machines for any kind of manufacturing and removal of metal chips as well as non-conventional works: CNC milling up to 5 simultaneous axes, CNC turning up to 3 axes, CNC wire-cut and die-sinking EDM, surface and cylindrical grinding, lapping. Moreover, Umas Technology uses various kinds of equipment and instruments for products inspection & testing: coordinate measuring machines (CMM), visual measuring machines (VMM), surface roughness testers, ultrawaves check devices, leak detectors, pressure intensifiers for hydraulic and fluorescent penetrant testing. Finally, Umas Technology has a class 100 clean room equipped for cleaning, degassing and packaging of components for the semiconductor industry.

Thanks to a project management structure capable of managing complex projects and providing turnkey products, Umas Technology has established important partnerships with leading companies for the outsourcing of some works: thermal treatment under vacuum, water jet / laser cutting, forming, vacuum brazing, PVD and CVD coating, folding and calendering, galvanizing treatments and chemical milling, which allow Umas Technology to fulfill, manage and control any need or request made by its customers.

For its design and manufacturing processes, Umas Technology uses CAD / CAM / CAE softwares, which provide process planning features for the programming, checking and coordination of all production processes. Thanks to these softwares, the production cycles of any kind of product can be optimized and integrated with inspection & testing programs and statistic analyses (control plans and programs) so that the quality, reliability and availability of technologies and materials – from product design to final delivery – are entirely managed under Umas Technology’s control.

Finally, the research and development department is crucially important for Umas Technology, whose annual investments in this field are very high. Umas Technology’s R&D Department has recently achieved important goals, some of which could be achieved thanks to its cooperation activities with its customers.