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Thermoelectric and Turbogas Power Plants

Throughout the years, Umas Technology has developed a significant experience in the production, upgrading, refurbishment and reverse engineering of many mechanical components used in thermal power stations and gas power plants as well as for boilers, mills, turbines and aspirators. In particular, great achievements were reached in the market of the following spare parts:

  • Camshafts, crankshafts, thin section and variable geometry shafts;
  • Complete burners and components such as heads, plates, atomizers, pipes, breeches, swirlers, diffusers, injectors, nozzles, pilots, nozzle pipes;
  • Calibrated shims for turbines;
  • Vanes for smoke aspirators with adjustable vanes;
  • Leverages for the moving of smoke aspirators’ vanes;
  • Complex geometry open or closed impellers;
  • Pipes, rods and breeches for soot blowers with related moving mechanical systems;
  • Cushions with MB facing and related re-metallization with drop, centrifuge or arc spray systems;
  • Parts and components with stellite or integral stellite facings;
  • Ljungstrom air preheaters;
  • Special benches and coils for boilers;
  • Various spare parts for coke crushing mills; tracks, tracks’ pressing arms, seal rings;
  • Valve seats and obturators, various kinds of valves;
  • Components with facings, inserts or products entirely in WC or TiC.