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Semiconductor Industry

The semiconductor industry is based on market dynamics in which quick answers to customers’ requests and reliability of components are crucial elements if a company wants to be successful in this field; suppliers must in turn meet tight delivery deadlines and provide products with very high quality and reliability standards, characteristics on which their development and success are based.
Since 1985 our company has developed, planned and produced in reverse engineering a great variety of high tech parts, components and mechanical devices for wafer fabs and foundries, for Si and SiC 2,3,4,5,6,and 8 inch wafers, providing different kinds of components, materials and processes in fields such as etching, sputtering, CDO, lithography, implantation, EPY, diffusion, facilities and WPS, and it has carried out important upgrades and refurbishments which resulted in an increase in the lifetime and reliability of the components and in a reduction of costs.
Following a short explanatory list of parts and components we produce:

  • Diffusion: furnaces, flanges and vacuum equipment exhaust lines and supports, traps, clamps;
  • Repair and refurbishment of parts made of quartz, in particular for diffusion equipments and tools;
  • Lithography: chucks, special nozzles, wafer guides, trays, robot parts, fingers, arms, cups, retainers;
  • Etching: caps, rings, sapphire and peek/vespel screws, lamp trays, pin lifters, locators;
  • Sputtering: HTHU Al, TiN, Ti, Co process kits, sputter etches, adapters, lid plates, plasma distributors, clamp rings, shields, throttle valves, blades, shutter disks, GDP, special bolts and screws, collimators, spacers and ceramic components, housing, Al arc spray coatings;
  • Implantation: W and Mo cathodes, liners, arc chambers, graphite and ceramic parts, disks, arms;
  • Sub-fab: complete RCCM systems, liners, blades, vortexes, in Inconel or with special coatings;
  • EPY: cooled flanges, shafts for epy reactors, quartzes;
  • Micorscopes: chucks, arms, x-y systems;
  • WPS: thermal heated and quenching tanks, flares, cradles, arms, PVDF, PP, PTFE and CPVC tools.