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Oil & Gas

Umas Technology has been planning and producing mechanical components through drawings or reverse engineering for the oil & gas market for over 35 years. Thanks to its high quality standards, great flexibility, promptness when trying to meet its customers’ needs and complex projects management, our company is now considered partner of the most prestigious companies in this field at an international level.
Its deep knowledge of metallurgy and treatments, its know-how regarding machines, its experience and ability to manage all technologies needed make Umas technology a leader in the production and reverse engineering of the following products:

  • Camshafts, crankshafts, thin section and variable geometry shafts for pumps, compressors or other equipment;
  • Burners and components such as heads, atomizers, lances, breeches, swirlers, diffusers, injectors, nozzles;
  • Special bushes, seals, seal packages, rods, lip seals;
  • Complex geometry open or closed impellers;
  • Blowers and related components;
  • Bearings with coatings and related re-metallization with drop, centrifuge or arc spray/flame spray systems;
  • Parts and components with stellite coatings/facings or integral stellite ball made;
  • Equipment for cracking furnaces such as anchors, supports, closing bars;
  • Ljungstrom air preheaters baskets and sealings;
  • Drill stems for hydraulic decoking systems;
  • Special benches, piping and coils for boilers;
  • Valve seats and stems, various kinds of valves;
  • Telescopic joints;
  • Refurbishment of FCC slide valve components, stems, slides, with resco application;
  • Pump covers, including castings, co-axial immersion, sectors;
  • Flappers, with stellite antiwear coatings;
  • Cylinders, sliding blocks, distributors, supports, wearing sectors, jackets, stuffing boxes, lenticular gaskets, flanges, compasses;
  • Components with coatings, inserts or products entirely in WC or TiC
  • Wear rings, thermometric sheaths;
  • Knifes, scrapers, removal tooth.