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Aerospace and defence systems

Thanks to its high quality standards - which have been its core strength since its foundation - Umas Technology is a selected and qualified partner of the main Italian companies operating in this sector.
Umas Technology is able to auto-certify the components it produces in compliance with the MIL specifications with sampling plans and control programs and it is provided with the most advanced production, control and measuring systems. It specializes in the following components:

  • Tuning rings in Cu-OFHC;
  • Polar expansions in Fe, Cu, brazed, spacers for electronic tubes;
  • Manifold bodies;
  • Bases and supports in Al;
  • Boxes for microelectronics in Al, Fe, Kovar;
  • Anodes and components in Mo;
  • Carriers in W-Cu alloy, tinselling;
  • Electron gun components;
  • Cavities, inserts;
  • Flanges, micro-tubes, tuning poles;
  • Input and output mechanical filters;
  • Centre squares, disconnecting switches, adapters;
  • Special aligning sockets;
  • Ceramic components;
  • Complete tools for welding, brazing and testing;
  • Sub-reflectors, horns;
  • Transitions, slotted filters, interface flanges;
  • Polarisers.